Bayou Gardener’s Fertilizer Tips

The Bayou Gardener

The Bayou Gardener - one of my gardening heroes. Check out his advice at

I used Donkey poo for my first garden, and it’s worked pretty well.  But I’ve learned an important lesson about fertilizer from the Bayou Gardener.  What a cool guy.  I don’t know him personally, but I wish I did.  He has help me understand (through his videos) something about fertilizing a garden of any size.

His proven method time and time again is to use 8 lbs of 8.8.8 for every 300 sq ft. of garden.

So I think that’s almost 1.5 lbs for my 10′ x 5′ = 50 sq foot garden.

I never knew what these numbers meant until I watched the Bayou Gardener’s videos.  As he explains, the numbers are the amount of Nitrogen, phosphorus (wow! I spelled it Fosforouse at first – way off), and potassium (Banana).  So 8.8.8 means 8% Nitrogen, 8% phosphorus, and 8% potassium.  Cool right?

something else I found interesting from his videos, he says if you use 17.17.17 fertilizer, then just use half as much – 4 lbs per 300 sq foot.  Why? Because 8 is almost half of 17.  I have always thought these different fertilizers were like “apples and oranges” – completely different from each other.  They’re not.  It all boils down to the percentage of those three elements.

I’m about to get some of those overall britches.  Thanks Bayou Gardener man.


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